Running in the Dark

We bring the kids for a walk around our neighbourhood every night after supper. It’s part of our routine and the boys love it! A couple of weeks ago, when we were a couple of driveways away from our own, a car was approaching us at increasing speeds and didn’t seem to be slowing down or getting out of our direct path. We were able to get onto the grass on the side of the road as the car sped by and the whole ordeal scared the crap out of me and my husband (naturally). As the car went past us, the driver looked up from what he was doing (texting? looking for something?) and our eyes met for a split second. I could see him clearly because he had his interior light on in his car and he could see me because it wasn’t quite dark yet. I believe him being distracted at the wheel is what caused our near accident. However, we started carrying a flashlight with us because the days seem to be getting shorter and shorter and we want to be visible to oncoming cars. I thought we were all good safety wise until I saw this video today:

We wore reflective belts during our walk tonight and plan on getting some reflective tape to put on the stroller so that it is visible to oncoming traffic as well. One would think wearing white at night would be a smart thing to do (as opposed to wearing dark colours) and allow you to be visible to others. From now on I will make sure to buy reflective work out gear and always wear the reflective belts during our nightly walks.

Take every precaution you can while running (or walking) to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Tragedy can strike in the blink of an eye.


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