5K Speed Training: Week 1

After the 5K race last weekend, I looked a little more closely at what kind of training programs I could follow to better myself as a runner. Holy cow, there is an abundance of different programs out there! From Higdon to Galloway to Runner’s World’s Smart Coach to just getting out there and running. You name it, there’s probably a program for it. I explored Hal Higdon’s website for a little bit and found his 5K intermediate training program to increase 5K speed. The first thing I noticed when I looked at the schedule outline was that the 5K test race and the final 5K race were scheduled on weekends I was planning on running races. Coincidence? I then started to peruse his half marathon training; specifically Novice 2. Again, the timing would be perfect to start right after the 5K speed training and the half marathon race falls on a local half marathon I’m considering running. Coincidence again?

While I’m still undecided on running the half marathon– I’m a little intimidated by the idea still– I started the 5K speed training program this past Monday. This is what week 1’s training looks like (I moved everything back a day to better fit my schedule):

Monday:  3 mi run
I was still a little sore from Saturday’s race and I didn’t want to overdo it and hurt myself so I ran until my body told me to stop. I managed to run 2.13 mi.

Tuesday: interval training; 5 X 400m
I headed to the track on base with the husband and boys to do my interval training. The youngest slept in the stroller while Daddy ran around and played with the oldest and I did my running thing. Again, I didn’t want to overdo anything so I did a 1/2 mi warm-up jog and 3 X 400m intervals (run 400m hard then jog/walk 400m to recover). We finished the trip off with a 1.5 mi walk along the trail next to the track.

Wednesday: 3 mi run
This run was the best I had had since before I got sick a few weeks prior. I got crampy just past the 2 mi mark and needed to walk for a minute then I picked up the running again and ran until the end. I banked 3.37 mi.

I also did my first workout w/ resistance bands.
band squats 3×15
girly push ups 3×15
seated band row 3×12
band curl to press 3×12
band calf raise 3×15
sit-ups 11 (was supposed to do 3×12 but I need to figure out a way to do them that doesn’t hurt my tail bone)

Thursday: rest
title says it all 

Friday: 3 mi run
life got in the way and I wasn’t able to run but I figure the rest was probably a good idea before the following day’s 5 miler.

Saturday: 5 mi run
My longest run to date had been 3.4 mi so planning to run 5 mi was a little daunting. I mapped out two separate routes and got them mixed up and I stopped before I should have. I still logged 4.84 mi and I felt great throughout the run so I know I could have completed the 5 mi had I kept going. I was so proud of myself after this run!

Sunday: rest
Definitely needed the rest day. The extra miles affected my right knee and it needed the rest. I put icy hot on it Saturday night and it was stiff & sore this morning but is feeling much better tonight.

All in all a good week! Week 2 starts tomorrow and hopefully I can get more resistance bands workouts in as well.


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