5K Speed Training: Week 4

Not much of a Week 4 but here’s how it panned out for me.

Monday: 3 mi run
My ankle was good all day so I decided to test it out with a run. After we went for our walk, I changed into my running clothes, did my dynamic stretching and hit the road. Big mistake. I felt pain as soon as I started running. I kept going to see if it was just stiff from not having run in several days, but the pain persisted and worsened as I went. I went right back home. Five minutes of running ended up giving me 2+ hours of limping and extreme pain. After that, the pain was still there, but a lot more manageable. I decided to rest for the rest of the week and see what happens on Saturday.  

Tuesday: 35 min tempo
forced rest day 

Wednesday: 3 mi run
forced rest day 

I ordered  an ASO ankle brace because I have a feeling I’ll be needing it once I’m able to run again just to keep my ankle stable and avoid injuring it further/again. I used to wear a cheapo compression type ankle brace on my other ankle when I was much younger after hurting it while playing soccer. So, I will probably end up getting one for the other ankle too at some point.

Thursday: rest
Ankle seems to be heading in the right direction. Only time I had any kind of discomfort was after running errands all morning. I was on my feet a lot for a 2-3 hours and needed to rest the ankle when I got home but nothing serious. Was back to being pain-free that afternoon.

Friday: rest
Pain free throughout the day & night. ASO brace arrived and, while it feels odd wearing it (something I’m going to have to get used to), I’m hopeful it’ll help keep my ankle stable and healthy. 

Saturday: 5K test race; Hog Trot 5K
I was pleasantly surprised! Read my complete race recap here.

Sunday: rest
A needed rest day. Funny to say that after being forced to rest for so long. My right ankle is still fine today. My left ankle, on the other hand, is now being a pain in the butt. I’m not sure if it’s normal after race soreness or if I did something to it. Ugh. Here we go again!


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