5K Speed Training: Week 5

I modified this week’s training to incorporate some stuff that I missed last week due to the ankle injury. I didn’t want to skip an entire week and end up hurting myself by jumping ahead.

Monday: 3 mi run
I did a test run to see how my ankle(s) would hold up. It was late afternoon so I did a quick spin (1.22 miles) before it got dark. My legs were very sore from Saturday’s race and I had a little ankle discomfort but nothing serious.

Tuesday: interval training; 7 X 400m 35 minute Tempo run
Week 5 calls for interval training but I decided to do the tempo run I missed the week before.

As usual for Tuesday’s workout, we headed to the track for this one. My warm up laps were 3:09, 3:13, and 3:11; my fast(er) laps were 2:44, 2:40, 2:44, 2:49, and 2:44; and my cool down laps were 4:05 and 3:32. I had to walk most of my cool down because my ankle hurt but no other issues. Total time running was 31 minutes and I ran 2.5 miles. It was nice to feel like I was back in the game.

Wednesday: 3 mi run strength training w/ resistance bands & Ab Ripper X
First fail of the week. Life got in the way and I didn’t get my run in. This was the beginning of my downfall this week. It’s so easy to fall into a trap of letting life get in the way of your run and this was what sparked that for me this week. Also, for some reason, I had issues this week with ‘mommy guilt’. I couldn’t bring myself to ask my husband to watch the boys while I went for my run(s).

I did do my strength training and Ab Ripper X.
jump lunges 3×15
deadlift 4×10
lateral raise 2×12
overhead tricep extension 2×15

Thursday: rest
No need to explain that one

Friday: 4 mi fast strength training w/ resistance bands & Ab Ripper X
Fail #2. Life got in the way again. I can really start to tell that I haven’t run in a few days. My mood is suffering greatly.

I did force myself to do a strength training workout & Ab Ripper X after the kids went to bed.
squats 3×15
seated band row 3×12
curl to press 3×12
calf raise 3×12
push ups 15

Saturday: 6 mi run
Fail #3. Seriously?! What is my problem this week?? Ugh. Today was a horrible day and my mood had everything to do with it. It may seem silly to non-runners, but not getting my runs in this week has led to me being extremely short with everyone and very bitchy. Oy! If I don’t get a run in tomorrow, I’m going to wake up Monday morning with green fur and a garbage can will be my new home. I will do everything in my power to get a run in tomorrow.

Sunday: rest run for my sanity
I planned on running the 6 miles I was supposed to run yesterday but I quickly realized that I’m going to have to slowly build my mileage back up. There’s no way I can do 6 miles right now without hurting myself. At least, it didn’t feel like I could do it safely today. This really aggravates me but I’ll get back up there.

I ran 2.72 miles today in 31 minutes which is a pretty decent pace for me but definitely not my best. I was much more level headed for the rest of the day. 😉

Hopefully next week’s training will be a little more productive.


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