5K Speed Training: Week 6

Monday: 3 mi run + strength training w/ resistance bands + Ab Ripper X
We were going to be busy all day so I planned on getting up early to get my run in. I slept like crap and the kids were up a few times, one ending up in bed with us for a bit. I got them both back in their own beds around 545am and I wanted to crawl back into bed but I put on my running clothes instead. I knew if I didn’t run, I would regret it and I really didn’t want a repeated fail week. I got my butt in gear and out the door. The weather was perfect with temps in the low 60s and I got to watch the sun come up. I ran 3.09 miles and the baby woke up as I walked in the door. Almost perfect timing. Would have been better if he would have stayed asleep until after I had showered. 😉

I did my strength training & Ab Ripper X after the kids went to bed.
jumping lunges 2×20 
deadlift 2×20 
lateral raise 3×15 
overhead tricep extension 4×15 

Tuesday: 40 min tempo run interval training; 7 x 400m
Night #2 of crappy sleep and restless kids = not enough juice to get the amount of intervals I aimed to do done. I ended up doing a 3/4 mile warm up, followed by 3 complete intervals and one cool down lap (1/4 mile). I covered 2.5 miles in all but was definitely disappointed I couldn’t do more. Exhaustion doesn’t mesh well with working out.

Wednesday: 3 mi run rest
 I planned on doing my strength training & Ab Ripper X today but life got in the way and I was exhausted come the kids’ bedtime. I’ll fit it in tomorrow (hopefully).

Thursday: Feed The Turkey virtual 5K
This run turned out to be AWESOME! I mapped out a route in my neighbourhood and went for it. I felt great & strong the entire run and ended up with a distance PR & a pace PR. I definitely earned that piece of pumpkin pie!! 3.13 miles in 32:42; pace 10:26

Friday: 4 mi fastSaturday: 7 mi run
The weekend is a blur of online Black Friday shopping and some physical store shopping. I spent far too much time on the computer waiting for “lightning deals” and the next best thing to pop up and take advantage of that my workouts took a backseat. 

Sunday: rest attempt at a run
Two failed days in a row and I had to do something. This run was nowhere near the awesomeness that happened during Thanksgiving’s run. Several days of poor food choices, a week of lack of sleep and missing workouts made for a very bad run. My iPod was dead so this was my first run without music. There’s nothing wrong with running without music, I’m just not used to it and could have really used the distraction. It was raining, which added to the overall crappy feel of the run and it felt like a chore the entire time. Definitely not one I enjoyed but I got out there. I managed 2.07 miles before I just couldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t have the energy or the motivation to keep going. 


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