5K Speed Training: Week 7

Monday: 3 mi run + strength training + Ab Ripper X
Life got in the way today for a run. I did a strength training workout with resistance bands at 11pm while watching Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead. I was too tired to do Ab Ripper. Ugh, I really need to get my shit together and find where my motivation’s hiding. I need to make my workouts and making better food choices a priority again.

squats 3×15 
seated band row 3×12 
curl to press 3×12 
calf raise 3×15 
push ups 20

Tuesday: interval training; 8 x 400m 40 min Tempo
I did week 6’s tempo run today (my speed work is a week behind because of the ankle injury a few weeks ago). Since I didn’t really need to keep track of distance with the tempo run, I decided to save gas and I skipped going to the track and ran around my neighbourhood instead. I did 10 minutes of slow jogging, followed by 20 minutes of fast(er) running, and I finished it off with another 10 minutes of slow jogging. I felt great throughout the run and it was a nice change from Sunday’s run. It was in the low 50’s, sunny and pretty windy but nothing I couldn’t deal with and it actually made the run quite comfortable. I covered 3.36 miles in 37:46.

Wednesday: 3 mi run + strength training + Ab Ripper X
I let life get in the way once again and didn’t accomplish any of the workouts I wanted to do. :/

Thursday: rest or run
After yesterday’s fail, I knew I needed to run today. It turned out to be another great run! I ran 2.79 miles and ended up with a pace PR (10:19). I didn’t feel like I was working really hard and I wasn’t huffing and puffing or anything like that so I was really surprised to see I had run that fast. Awesome! I did start to cramp up near the end and my stomach hurt when I was done so clearly I was pushing myself harder than I thought I was.

I also did a strength training workout with resistance bands.
jumping lunges 75 
deadlift 3×15 
lateral raise 3×12 
overhead tricep extension 2×12 each arm

A friend posted about a 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge so I decided to take part in hopes that it will keep me motivated and get workouts done. Day 1 was 100 jumping jacks so I did that and finished it off with Ab Ripper X. All in all, a very productive day. 🙂

Friday: 5 mi run rest
I have a race tomorrow so today probably should have been a rest day. However, I joined fellow blogger Tall Mom on the Run’s challenge to run at least 1 mile every day throughout the month of December. So, I laced up and headed out for a quick 1 mile run. Since I was covering a third of the distance I normally do, I figured I would challenge myself and see how fast I could run the mile. I gave it about 85-90% of what I had because I didn’t want to burnout before I complete the entire mile and I ended up doing it in 9:42! Pretty awesome and surprising that I could actually run that quickly. 😀 

I also did Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge to complete my “rest” day.
100 jumping jacks
2x 1 minute planks 

Saturday: 7 mi run Jingle Bell Run 5K
Great race!! You can read my race report here.

Continued the 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge with Day 3 today.
100 jumping jacks
2x 1 minute planks
3 sets of lunges (10 each leg)

Sunday: rest
Day 4 of 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge
100 jumping jacks
2x 1 minute planks…I couldn’t last that long today. I did 1x 45 seconds and 1x 30 seconds. Figure that’s better than nothing!
3 sets of lunges (10 each leg = 60 total)
4 sets 30 sec jump rope


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