Goals for 2012

It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to come up with a list of goals and rewards. There’s so much that I want to do that it was hard to narrow things down to a realistic level. I’m sure my list will probably change or need adjustment as the year goes on but here’s what it looks like now:

Goal: Do a complete round of P90X (90 days)
Reward: new bras (non-nursing)–I’ve been wearing nursing bras for over 3 years and I’m ready to get my sexy back 😉 Perfect timing as my 18 month old just weaned a week ago.

Goal: sub-30 5K–I know I’ve supposedly done this at the Run for New Life this past December, but I want to do it at a race I know is the proper length.
Reward: Fuel Belt Sprint or Sahara Palm Holder

Goal: Train for & run a 1/2 marathon
Reward: CW-X  running tights or capris (this reward isn’t set in stone… if it’s not in the cards financially, I’ll have to tweak it)

Goal: Log 750 running miles in 2012
Reward: Road ID

Goal: walk at least 5 days a week with the family/boys
Reward: healthier & more active family

Goal: make good food choices to fuel my body & drink more water
Reward: healthier me 🙂


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  1. I never thought about giving set rewards for things ahead of time, that is a good idea. I finally bought new bras this past summer, my youngest had been weaned for almost a year and I was still grabbing the nursing bras as they fit better than my old pre-kid ones. You have some great goals!

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