Week 1 of P90X

My first week of P90X was a success! I’ve been sore all over throughout the week but still able to function pretty well. I’m sure it was a sight seeing me get out of bed this morning but we won’t dwell on it. haha

I did have a hard time with scheduling my workouts. I did a couple in the afternoon while my youngest slept and my oldest hung out with Daddy; and the rest of the workouts were done at night after the kids went to bed. The after bed workouts about killed me. I’m exhausted from my day and then to put working out for 1+ hour on top of that wasn’t smart. I need to set an alarm and work out before the butt crack of dawn so that I can get it done and showered (hopefully) before the kids wake up. Only problem with that is my 18 month old’s sleeping is so unpredictable still (my kids fail in the sleep department) that getting up super early to work out after I’ve probably been up once or a few times throughout the night is very unappealing. I guess I should just suck it up and do it! If I’m getting up super early, I should be going to bed earlier, too. Yeah, I’ll keep telling myself that.

There’s no running scheduled in the hybrid I’m following until Saturday of the 4th week (Feb 11) so, unless I decide to substitute a cardio day for a run, I won’t be running at all until then. It just so happens that there is a local 8K race on Feb 11th, so I could use that as my easy run. Ha, easy.


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