A day of “ughs”

Ugh #1 We had a day of thunderstorms & heavy rain on Saturday so my long run was pushed to yesterday. I ended up having to take both kids with me to get it done. They did awesome in the BOB the entire time. My youngest fell asleep during the first half of the run and my oldest fell asleep during the second half. I’m sure all of my runs with them won’t be as peaceful but it was nice to be able to do my thing without bickering or whining. I ended up hurting my hip somehow. I not sure if I got into a weird position while pushing 95+ pounds of stroller & kids (thank you stroller wheels for making it easy to push that kind of weight) or what happened but the pain got progressively worse as I ran yesterday and it bothering me at times today. I’ve decided to rest today and I hope it’s better tomorrow or later this week. I have half marathon training to continue!!

Ugh #2 As I was getting dressed for yesterday’s run, I discovered something terrible. The seam on the outer thigh of my favourite compression capris is split. WTF? A little strange that the split is on the hip that ended up getting injured yesterday. Hmm, foreshadowing to what was to come? Probably not but it’s a weird coincidence. The saddest part is I’ve only had these capris for about 5 months and they’ve been worn 1-2 times a week. So annoyed! I’m not sure if I should contact Old Navy about it or forget about it. Regardless, I need to find some more. I don’t have a huge running attire collection, just what I need to get me through a couple of runs before I have to do laundry.

Ugh #3 It’s Monday. Need I say more?


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  1. That sucks about your compression capris. what about sewing them up??? and sorry to hear about your hip. Hope it’s nothing like what I’ve been dealing with 🙂

    and I love that you ran with both kids. I wish I had a running stroller. sigh….if only I had been a runner before I had Logan 😉

    • My Mémé (grandmother) has always sewn stuff for me so I never had to learn how to do it myself. I don’t want to ruin them by trying either so they’re set aside until they can make it to Canada to be fixed. Pathetic, I know. :p

      I’ve wanted a jogging stroller for a LONG time, even before I actually started running because I figured it would be good motivation. They’re so expensive and I hate spending money so it took a lot of convincing and pros/cons weighing to finally decided to do it. Plus, a decent sale price for a BOB helped sway me toward “yes, please!”. So far I’m very happy my husband convinced me it was a good idea to spend the money.

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