Technology Failed Me

I’ve been looking forward to my St Patrick’s Day themed race since I signed up for a local one a month and a half ago.  I’ve spent that time putting together a costume and looking forward to what was going to be a fun time.

Usually I get my race packets the morning of (unless that’s not an option) but, since my husband had an errand to run near where packet pick up was last night, I decided to stop in then and get my race stuff. I figured that way we could also leave a little later and get there with just enough time for me to warm up before the race. I got all of our stuff ready before I went to bed so that I wouldn’t forget anything and would have only a small amount of things left to do (like get drinks for me and the kids). I think this was the first time I had ever been that organized the night before a race. ha! I set my dinosaur phone’s alarm (I say dinosaur because hubby and I don’t have smartphones because we refuse to pay the ridiculous monthly plan rates for them) and went to bed.

I was awakened by the sound over the baby monitor next to my bed of the blinds in my sons’ room hitting the window (my 20 month old likes to pull on the blinds and let ’em bang up against the window). Then I hear birds chirping and something in my mind clicked and I shot up into a sitting position on my bed. I tried to focus on the clock across the room and it took several seconds before I could squint my way into seeing any barely legible numbers. I’m near-sighted so I can’t see things that are far away, and “far away” isn’t that far away at all. The clock read “7:55 or 7:56; it’s hard to tell the difference between 5 & 6 when they’re really fuzzy. A wave of anger, frustration and disappointment engulfed me. My race was starting in 5 minutes. I didn’t know what to think or do. My mind went blank and I was numb. I was missing my race.

I didn’t want to do anything but lie there but duty called and I had two kids who were waiting for me to greet them in their bedroom. So, I got up. I silently sobbed as I got them breakfast and made my coffee. My husband came in a few minutes later to console me (he later told me crying women have a strange effect on men lol) and all I could do in my mind was blame him for going to bed. He’s been working midnights for several weeks and has several weeks of the same shift ahead of him. On his nights off, he’s been keeping his sleeping schedule the same to avoid royally effing up his body. So, I figured he’d do the same thing he did a couple of weeks ago for the Band on the Run 5K and just stay up all night and go to bed when we got home from the race. Instead, he decided to go to bed around 430am so that he wouldn’t have to be in bed all day after we got back from the race. I needed to blame someone or something for what happened and blaming my dinosaur phone wasn’t sufficient. I blamed my husband for going to bed because, had he been awake, he would have come in to wake me up when it was nearing go-time and I wasn’t emerging from my cave. I know it wasn’t his fault and, now that I’ve calmed down, I don’t really blame him. But, I am still so angry and disappointed in myself, even though I also know wasn’t my fault.

This is the first race I’ve missed and it would have been a hell of a lot easier to swallow had I been injured (God forbid) or sick. But, this was for something so stupid. Technology failed me. I missed out on a fun race, a huge raffle, costume contest and lucky bib # contest. Not that I would have won anything, but I paid extra for the raffle tickets. Not to mention the race entry fee, costume pieces, etc.. The money that went toward the race & raffle weren’t a complete loss because this race was a fundraiser to help a local family whose 21 month old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. And, like my husband reminded me, my costume will come in handy at future St Patrick’s Day themed races, so it’s not a complete loss.

And my 3 year old just asked me “Are we going to a race today?”. Ugh, way to make it sting again, kid.

It’s nothing extravagant, but here’s what my race costume would have looked like. I had my husband take pictures so that I could determine where to put stuff and what to exclude. I think I would have gone without the shamrock nylons (those things were ITCHY!), but everything else was a go.

My new green Team Sparkle skirt will be saved for my first half marathon that’s in less than a month. I guess I better not rely on my dinosaur phone’s alarm the morning of that race. :/


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  1. love your race outfit but that story made me so sad 😦 I am so sorry that happened

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