Jelly Bean Virutal Race Recap

I had originally planned on running the 5K & the 10K. I put them both in my schedule and life still managed to get in the way so I ended up only doing the 5K.

I had planned on doing the 5K after my husband got home from work in the morning but a thunderstorm hindered my plans so I had to improvise. Instead, I headed out with my youngest in the BOB when there was a break in the clouds. I started far too quickly and I lost steam within the first mile. I ended up with a finish of 30:41 (9:53 pace). That was not the kind of performance I had in mind and I knew I could do better.

The following afternoon, I had my husband take the boys for a walk while I set out around the neighbourhood for a solo run. I was determined to beat the previous day’s finish time. No part of that run was easy; I pushed myself and I pushed myself hard. I saw my average pace was teetering just under 9:00 min/Mi and I was determined to keep it there. I gave it my all and I finished my 5K in 27:50 (8:58 pace). Now that’s what I knew was inside of me! I was so proud of myself (and still am). The cherry on top is that this was also a new 5K PR for me. 😀

I was going to run the 10K some time during the weekend but life got in the way. I didn’t make it a high enough priority, I guess. I ended up focusing on my photo contest entry and did something that I think was pretty awesome. I don’t want to reveal my picture yet because people are still submitting their stuff to Jess. Once tomorrow’s deadline hits, I’ll post my entry for the photo contest. 😉

Also, in other news, my new Camelbak Annadel pack was delivered today. I’ve been wanting to get a Fuel Belt for my long runs and upcoming half marathon but something (don’t remember what) swayed me away from a belt and toward a pack instead. I hope it works for me. Because this is a taper week leading up to the half (on Sunday), I only have two short runs left to test it out. Hopefully that’s enough for me to get a feel for it. I’ll also provide a review for it once we’ve been introduced to one another.


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