Halfway There!

Things have been busy, busy, busy the past few weeks. I feel like there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I would like to and, unfortunately, that means things have been neglected here.

I’m finally in my 20th week of pregnancy. I don’t know why but so far this pregnancy seems to be going by super slowly.  I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever, though I know that’s obviously not the case. There’s so much going on throughout the next few months, I have a feeling (and hope) the next 19 weeks will go by more quickly. There’s Canadian Thanksgiving, then Halloween, then American Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then Baby Time! I can look at all of those as little time milestones and I’m sure that’ll make time go by faster. I know I shouldn’t rush things, especially because this could be my last pregnancy, but I’m so looking forward to meeting the little human growing inside of me that I can’t help but want to zip through to January asap.

My oldest started back to school almost three weeks ago and we’ve pretty well fallen back into a more consistent routine. Which also means I’ve actually been getting workouts done. I made myself a schedule as a guideline to follow doing Body by Trimester three times a week and walking 5-7 days a week. I’ve been good about doing BBT because I can do them indoors, but the weather here has been pretty crappy. It rained most of the first week of school, then we had Hurricane Isaac to deal with the second week (he was projected to hit us directly but moved West and got Louisiana & Alabama instead but we still had rain & wind from him), and more rain this week (apparently Isaac’s Ghost hit us yesterday and is in the Gulf now). So, that means my walks have suffered greatly. :/ I managed one lengthy walk two weeks ago but, since then, I haven’t done more than a few 1-ish mile long family walks. I know any kind of movement is better than none but I’m really disappointed the weather is being such a pain in the butt.

Pregnancy-wise, things are going well. I have my 20 week ultrasound tomorrow afternoon and I’m looking forward to seeing how much the little one has grown & changed since my last ultrasound at 13 weeks. Hopefully I get a nice tech this time. I had a real grouch for my 20w ultrasound when I was pregnant with my second. Not cool. We’re having another surprise baby so no gender shots for me. 😉 I debated for a short time whether I wanted to find out this time seeing as it may be my last baby but I decided against finding out for that very reason. I feel as though finding out the gender of your baby at birth is one of the few awesome surprises left in this world and I didn’t want to find out and be disappointed or regret it. Not disappointed in the sex of the baby but disappointed in that we ruined the surprise somehow. Plus, I like to torture family & friends who can’t seem to wait until the birth. 😉

One thing I am having issues with is my right hip. I had issues with it the last time I was pregnant and ended up going to physical therapy to get some exercises to help. I’ve lost the paper that had the exercises on it when we redid our kitchen so I’m hoping I’ll get a new referral so that I can get some help for it. It’s the same hip that gave me issues when I was training for and ran my first half and I can’t help but wonder if there’s an underlying factor or is my hip just hates me. The damn thing hurt like hell during that long walk two weeks ago (walk was just under an hour long and I was pushing the stroller) and it gave me zero hope of actually running this pregnancy. 😦 Oh how I miss running. Who knows, I may give it a try before January. If not, I’m counting down the days until the beginning of March when I should have the all clear to give it a go (unless I feel up to it before then). I can’t wait to enter the racing scene as well. I’m not sure if a Spring/Summer race is feasible or if things will have to wait until the Fall but I really miss participating in races. Heck, I miss everything about running.

Ok, done feeling sorry for myself. I promise to do my best to update more often. I miss everyone and feel so out of touch with the awesome community of running bloggers.


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