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So Far, So Good

We’re four days into May and I’ve managed to keep up with all three May challenge calendars. *pats self on back* Seems like such a mediocre accomplishment but it’s an accomplishment for me nonetheless. Hopefully I can keep things up during the remainder of the month.

For those of you who may be following the “Marvelous Abs May” calendar (the pink one), Ali has put together the challenges on an actual May calendar layout. Here it is if you want to use it as well.

I have my first 10K race tomorrow morning. I’ll be getting up long before the butt crack of dawn to make the 1.5 hour trek to the race. My poor husband & kids get to suffer along with me. I predict we will be a bunch of crankies come tomorrow afternoon. :/ This week has been a fail for my running. Our schedule & the weather did not cooperate and I’ve only managed to get a measly 2 miles in. I’m hoping the lack of running means my legs will be fresh and ready to tackle 6.2 miles with ease (and speed!). Of course, the May challenges have left my legs a tad on the sore side this week, so we’ll see. 😉 Be on the lookout for the race report.


Jelly Bean Virutal Race Recap

I had originally planned on running the 5K & the 10K. I put them both in my schedule and life still managed to get in the way so I ended up only doing the 5K.

I had planned on doing the 5K after my husband got home from work in the morning but a thunderstorm hindered my plans so I had to improvise. Instead, I headed out with my youngest in the BOB when there was a break in the clouds. I started far too quickly and I lost steam within the first mile. I ended up with a finish of 30:41 (9:53 pace). That was not the kind of performance I had in mind and I knew I could do better.

The following afternoon, I had my husband take the boys for a walk while I set out around the neighbourhood for a solo run. I was determined to beat the previous day’s finish time. No part of that run was easy; I pushed myself and I pushed myself hard. I saw my average pace was teetering just under 9:00 min/Mi and I was determined to keep it there. I gave it my all and I finished my 5K in 27:50 (8:58 pace). Now that’s what I knew was inside of me! I was so proud of myself (and still am). The cherry on top is that this was also a new 5K PR for me. 😀

I was going to run the 10K some time during the weekend but life got in the way. I didn’t make it a high enough priority, I guess. I ended up focusing on my photo contest entry and did something that I think was pretty awesome. I don’t want to reveal my picture yet because people are still submitting their stuff to Jess. Once tomorrow’s deadline hits, I’ll post my entry for the photo contest. 😉

Also, in other news, my new Camelbak Annadel pack was delivered today. I’ve been wanting to get a Fuel Belt for my long runs and upcoming half marathon but something (don’t remember what) swayed me away from a belt and toward a pack instead. I hope it works for me. Because this is a taper week leading up to the half (on Sunday), I only have two short runs left to test it out. Hopefully that’s enough for me to get a feel for it. I’ll also provide a review for it once we’ve been introduced to one another.

Running With Spatulas Virtual Race – Race Report

In true Karly/Mother fashion, I procrastinated in doing my virutal race for Running With Spatulas. I had signed up for the 10K, 5K relay & the photo contest. I should have added the races into my schedule that way I would have guaranteed they get done on time. Live & learn. I ended up combining two of my easy runs to make up my time for the 10K and ran a 5K yesterday morning. Or so I thought… more about that later.

I set out after my husband got home from working midnights. I had enough time to get my run in, stretch afterwards, make the oldest’s lunch and then bring him to school. The run went very well. I flew through most of it with a few walking breaks to catch my breath. It’s amazing how fast I can go now (without the stroller). When I feel like I’m going slow, my pace is in the 9:00’s, and I have a hard time running slower than that  when I’m by myself. I suppose that’s progress. 😀

When I thought my Garmin read 3.10 miles, I stopped it so that my time would be accurate and continued the trek home. My time was 28:28. Woah! Huge PR for me. Or so I thought. You see, I had a dyslexic moment in my exhausted mommy state and read 3.10 when my Garmin actually said 3.01. Ugh. Fail. I did cover the distance just didn’t have the specific time. I took the average pace for the 3.01 miles and estimated my time w/ the same average pace for 3.10 miles. So, my made-up real finishing time was 29:18 with a pace of 9:27. Not bad but certainly not as impressive as a 28:28 finish. I’ll admit, I’m a little disappointed that I screwed up so badly, however, the made-up new time is still a 5K PR for me. That’s something to celebrate. Even though it’s not 100% accurate.

I had basic ideas for the photo contest that included the kids. However, it slipped my mind (my memory sucks) and I thought about it right after the kids went to bed. The deadline was last night so I had to come up with something else that didn’t include the kids. Bummer. I racked my brain and came up with the best I could at 8pm after a long day. I googled how to make a ninja mask (yes, seriously lol) and found a quick youtube video that used a t-shirt. Perfect. I tried my own t-shirt but it was too small. Thankfully, my husband had a black t-shirt in his dresser. It worked out perfectly. I ninja-ed myself, grabbed a couple of spatulas, and my husband got a few shots outside where it was dark. Darkness and ninjas just seem to go together. 😉 My favourites were the following:

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I probably should have put on a black shirt that covered my entire upper body but that’s just another fail to add to the seemingly never ending list of fails for this virtual race. lol Hindsight is 20/20, I’ll do better next time. And next time starts tomorrow w/ Run With Jess’s Jelly Bean Virtual Race. I’ll be sure to put the run in my schedule this time so that it actually gets done on time and I can work on getting good times instead of being forced to combine easy runs to qualify.

Upcoming Virtual Races

Two fellow bloggers are hosting virtual runs in the coming weeks. Join us for some fun and the chance to win great prizes.

First virtual race will take place at the end of March and is hosted by Ali @ Running w/ Spatulas

*Click on the picture below for race information and to sign up*

The second virtual race is The Jelly Bean Virtual Race hosted by Jess @ Run With Jess during the first week of April.

*Click on the picture below for race information and to sign up*