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I’m alive

The last 3+ weeks have been filled with snot, coughs, headaches, missed school, pajama days, and far too many missed workouts/runs. My oldest started with the Nasty Cold From Hell, then my younger son got it, then I got it, then Daddy got it. I spent two weeks hacking up a lung and several days without a voice. I felt better after about a week and a half but I never got rid of that annoying tickle in my throat that caused random coughing fits throughout the day. The boys seemed to have gotten over it and my husband was on the mend as well. Then my youngest woke up Friday night having a coughing fit. I guess those clear boogers on Thursday and Friday weren’t caused by teething. :/ Saturday, I woke up with a cough and really stuffy nose and my oldest woke up with a new case of the snots, too. Great. Round Two! I’m not sure if the virus we had mutated into The Cold From Hell’s spawn or if we contracted something else while the youngest and I were at the hospital on Thursday. Either way, I very rarely get sick and to still be sick over three weeks later is killing me.

I did manage ONE run last Friday, which, as it turned out, was the day between sicknesses. I didn’t push myself too hard because I didn’t want to aggravate my recovering lungs. My pace was super slow but it felt great to get out there. Now, I’m sitting here hacking up a lung as I write this, which should be another race report. I’ve had to be a no-show for TWO races because of this insane bout of sickness. The Bear Lake Trail Challenge last weekend and the Gate to Gate this morning.

I’m more than ready for a healthy household again. I’m even more ready to be able to run and workout when I want to. The boys and I have a road trip planned in a couple of weeks so I’m sure we’ll get healthy in time to contract something while we’re on the road. It seems many people are sick right now and we all know how clean public restrooms can be… oy!


Sickness and running do not mix

The kids and I have been plagued with a head cold for a week now and, though we are getting better, my running has sucked this week. I don’t think I would care half as much if I didn’t have my first race tomorrow. Having bad runs doesn’t do much for a runner’s self-confidence! I ran twice this week and could not get past 2 mi both times. I hope the adrenaline rush from the racing environment will help me push through the 3.1 mi of my first 5K race. I must remember to take it slow! I should have my first race report up later tomorrow or Sunday.